Intersection of Dreams

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PushPush, The Edgewood Speakeasy & The Music Room present


An immersive bar story about love and risk, with signature cocktails, live jazz and small plates* prepared by Chef Mike LaSage.

March 13 - April 5

3/13 - Opening Matinee @ 3pm

Sun 7pm, Mon & Tues, 8pm

Edgewood Speakeasy, 327 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, Georgia 3031

$32 Table Seat | $16 Bar Seat

Tickets and exact dates and times online at

Seating limited to 26 people ~ No one under 21 Admitted



Intersection of Dreams is an intimate (limited to 26 people) and immersive (it happens around you) story told in a hidden bar on Edgewood. It is a tale of chance and betrayal told with video, actors, live music, a variety of small plates (four per person) by Chef Mike LaSage, signature bourbon drinks (one free) by Breckenridge Distillery, and a cash bar.

*The dishes for this two-hour experience are vegetarian, but the extra carnivorous are invited to enjoy BoneLick BBQ after the show.  The dishes (subject to small changes) include: Fried Hominy, Nutty Hummus Pate, Crusted Veggies w/ Special Sauces and Taco de Frijoles w/ cilantro and spice.

Regular tickets are $32 and include table seating, four small vegetarian plates and one pre-show signature cocktail sponsored by Breckenridge Distillery. Bar Seats are $16 and include a seat at the bar, one domestic beer or house wine, and a vegetarian snack.

About the show: Roger is unhappy in love and unlucky in poker. At a tournament, he foolishly reveals a dream he’s had about his best friend's sister-in-law. The dream becomes infectious, and soon four people's lives are changed abruptly by fortune, and by the unpredictable, sometimes erotic, course that a dream takes.

A four-way love story told in the space between waking and sleeping – between what is, and what could be. The possible connection between the two worlds is as natural as the connection between a gambler and his hopes. Roger - a small-time office exec by day, and an even smaller gambler by night - bets on anything he can. In his dreams, there is Angela and a million-dollar prize that could change everything. In his waking reality, there’s a poker tournament and he is all-in. As the four characters prepare for the big day, each find themselves unable to escape Roger’s dream of winning the big prize. As the day of the tournament gets closer, they each play a role in the dream that seems to be controlling their lives. In a lifetime of random events, won't we be dead soon enough? All Roger wants is what all of us want; to receive lots of money we haven't earned and win a love we don't deserve. Is that too much to ask?

Written by Rory Sullivan, Directed by Tim Habeger and featuring Eugene H. Russell IV (Roger/sax), Brenda Nicole Moorer (Angela/vocals), Robin Bloodworth (Robert), Jen Bates (Melanie), Trevor Wolford (guitar), Che Marshall (drums), Elasah Rogers (bass) and Khari Cabral Simmons (bass)

Support for this project was provided in part by The Community Foundation’s A Place To Perform Fund, the NEA’s ArtWorks, The Edgewood Speakeasy and The Music Room.

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