Social Muscle Club + FREE: C.A.K.E. Artist + Investor Summit May 17-19, by SeedWorks

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Social Muscle Club

Presented by PushPush Film & Theater,

Hosted by SeedWorks Artists

What if...

giving, receiving, communication, and commitment

were social muscles that could be trained?

SATURDAY NIGHT, MAY 18, 2019 | 7:00PM - 10:00PM  | $10-$25 Pay-What-You-Can

3726 E Main St, College Park, GA 30337

At Social Muscle Club you meet new people and take part in a simple sharing game, in which each person offers something to give away, and requests something to receive. These unconditional offers and requests can be for something material or practical -- from fresh bread to a holiday apartment in Costa Rica. It can be something abstract or relationship focused, like tips on resilience or stress release. The giving and receiving happen around tables, amongst performance, music, food, and surprises. It’s a real celebration, like an exuberant wedding or a chaotic game show!

This special Social Muscle Club, part of the SeedWorks C.A.K.E. Artist & Investor Summit will be focused on advanced artists and their projects.

Table snacks provided by Kushina Catering

Social Muscle Club is a group of global artists working together since 2012 to change our usual habits of thinking and doing and 'train the social muscle'. The club was founded for everyone in our global village seeking to support each other in an often isolated society.  The club began in a Berlin living room and was inspired by a documentary about a workers club in Sheffield that promised 'entertainment and mutual support'.

As a contrast to stress and pressure to conform to a capitalistic and competitive world, the club offers a self-organized social net. The Berlin founders of Social Muscle Club experienced personally the psychological effects of pressure to succeed, earn money, and fit in society. So they began practicing “giving and receiving” with friends and colleagues in their living rooms to support each other. Since 2012 the club has grown exponentially and has reached thousands of people in ten international cities, including ongoing clubs in Berlin, Basel, Bristol, and Vienna.  The club integrates people from different social backgrounds as well as people who normally don't visit or participate in the theatre scene, out of which a growing international network of solidarity has been established.

Individuals with passions and a desire to share curate tables, offer presentations and engage in fellowship with their community. Everyone is invited to give and receive!




FREE With Purchase of Social Muscle Club Ticket:


SeedWorks Artist & Investor Summit

May 17, 18, 19

DAY 1: May 17 - MIXER+ORIENTATION | 7-10pm

Meet + Greet + Game + Cake

FREE with purchase of Social Muscle Club Ticket

Gather up your fav ingredients, we’re going all in with the cake metaphor. Meet your fellow SeedWorkers through a social deduction experience, learn about their projects and the program, and enjoy some sparkly libations + caaake as you ready yourself for the next day of creative productivities. [*IAP available - see below]

3726 E Main St, College Park, GA 30337

DAY 2: May 18 - SEEDWORKS WORKOUT (Cupcake Edition) | 10-5pm

Artist work & show day + Seedworks Intensive

FREE with purchase of Social Muscle Club Ticket

A productive day for all artists and those interested in the creative process. Grab some brunch cake, enjoy some project proofs-of-concept, and you can even bring your own project/idea [any stage] to experience the SeedWorks process in a micro form - all the content, half the calories. Learn how to cook your own projects into the official 2020 SeedWorks launch. Registration is limited and required.

3726 E Main St, College Park, GA 30337

May 18 - MAIN EVENT - Social Muscle Club | 7-9pm (doors open 6:30)

Giving + Receiving + Performances + Game + C.A.K.E.

Pay-What-You-Can $5-$25

SMC is a unique sharing game happening at our new test space on Mainstreet in College Park - directly across from College Park MARTA. Exercise your give & get muscles, meet SeedWorks artists, make new connections to support your OWN endeavor, learn about ongoing projects and check out a new location for the SeedWorks Lab (including 24 artist studios). Hosted by vocal artist Jennifer Bell from Bristol UK. Also: the cake is not a lie. 3726 E Main St, College Park, GA 30337

DAY 3: May 19 - DEEP DIVE: How We Bolster ATL’s Creatives | 1-4pm

Excavate + Process + Connect + Community + Unpanel

FREE with purchase of Social Muscle Club Ticket

Reconnect with SeedWorks artists and dig deeper into their work and process. Check out some Proofs of Concept by SeedWorks artists, and get active in one of the UnPanel discussions and learn why Don’t Support The Arts is a provocation and a guiding philosophy. Click here for schedule.

3726 E Main St, College Park, GA 30337 (our new test home)

*At this event we’ll also be introducing Seedbucks!

A new artist-support currency IAP (Investing in Artists Platform) available to seed early artist investments. Dole them out to your favorite SeedWorks artists, keep as souvenirs, or redeem later at SeedWorks events. As a tax-deductible donation, Seedbucks proceeds directly support the artists.



-Get a sneak peek at some projects that are coming down the pike.

-Get cake & updates about the next phase of SeedWorks.

-Learn how to elevate your own artistry and uplift Atlanta’s creative class.

This event wraps up eight months of work on 30+ projects, showcases these projects along with deep dives into how SeedWorks helps artists, how it could help you, and how it can change the landscape of the creative class in Georgia.